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Providing opportunities for social participation and community interaction through a range of social groups and activities
Yooralla specialises in providing recreation services to people of all ages and disabilities. Activities can be fun, adventurous or relaxing; they can be group activities or they can support individual goals and pursuits; they may be day activities, a weekend camp, a week away or even longer.
We run regular group sessions, camps, workshops and courses, often in conjunction with other community groups. Some of our favourite recreational activities are listed below. However if you have a personal request or goal to achieve, we can support that too.
The great outdoors - surfing, water skiing, snow skiing, abseiling, bowling, tennis, fishing, golf, sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, camping, gardening… the list is endless!
The arts - the theatre, the movies, or enjoying a gallery or museum; or maybe you want to be the artist! Take your camera out for a photo shoot, become involved with the Yooralla Art Circle or try screen printing your own designs!
Health & fitness - Gym sessions, take a fitness class, train for your fitness goal, learn to swim!
Catching your favourite event live - a day at the footy, the ballet, a market, seeing a band live or maybe just a night out with friends
Holidays - We can support your holiday plans too – from a weekend away to a few months travelling
Family recreation support - whether it’s for parents and children to share a day activity, for a family to take a trip away together or to provide a carer with rest time, recreation services can support you to enjoy time together.