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YMCA Heads Together is a three day residential camping program for families who have a child with an acquired brain injury. 
The program has been created and is run by volunteer health care professionals who specialise in paediatric ABI. The camp provides a safe, accepting and supportive social environment where families can meet and share experiences. 
Camp begins on a Friday evening at 5pm and will end on Sunday at 2pm, the camp structure includes a range of activities in large and small groups, with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. There is also plenty of down time to allow families to socialise.
Since our first camp in 2003, we have welcomed more than 100 families, with the majority returning to further camps. The Heads Together families are a strong and supportive community who stay connected between camps through Facebook and family events.
Our goal is to continue to expand and strengthen the community of Heads Together families, building friendships and support networks that continue beyond the camp environment. 
The camp's are held twice a year for 15-20 families, all from Victoria. Children range from 2 - 21 years of age, and the family unit has encompassed many variations.(ie. grandparents, girlfriend/boyfriend)
The children with an ABI have varying levels of ability and mobility, and are well supported with up to 30 volunteer camp leaders, all of whom have experienced ABI in some way.
Volunteers Leaders are therapists, young adults with an ABI, and some are even ex-campers who have a family member with an ABI, as well as expert YMCA activity leaders.
The camp is a non-profit program whose funding is provided solely through donations. Participants are charged $5 per child and $10 per adult to attend. This camp is a chance to give something back to families that have already had so much taken from them.
Camps in 2014

Lady Northcote Camp  9th- 11th May 2014 (Friday Night - Sunday afternoon)
Lady Northcote Camp 31st October - 2nd November (Friday night- Sunday afternoon)