Reclink Australia is an exceptional organisation. As part of the AAA Play team, we are very priveledged to be a part of the work that is positively impacting the lives of people on an International level. Often we have volunteers, work experience students and interns join us for short periods. Sometimes they love it, sometimes they hate it, but it's safe to say, there is always something to learn.

Recently we had Flynn join us, and we asked him to write a bit about his experience. We left it very open and challenged him to decide what he'd like to write about and what angle he'd like to come at it from; an opinion piece, report or reflection. It's not everyday we get to appreciate the thoughts of a year ten student and it was refreshing to read. Flynn was instrumental in supporting the AAA Play team to deliver some key work and had a real impact in a very short time. To see that we could impact him just as much is wonderful. It's an inspiring position to be in. We hope you enjoy Flynn's reflection. If you want experience working with Reclink Australia or AAA Play, connect with us by emailing


"Reclink/AAA Play Reflection

Work experience isn’t supposed to be all fun and games, and in all honestly, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Its purpose is for teenagers like me, who have no experience in this peculiar full-time working world, to be introduced to the structure of an 9 to 5. I came into this week ready to experience something different, I also prepared myself for the lulls and the typical office tasks. Working at Reclink has provided me with both of these realities of a job in the non-for-profit and social services industry.

My first day I was privileged enough to attend the National Disability Services CEO conference at the Melbourne Exhibition centre. Personally, I know very few people with either a physical or an intellectual disability, I think that influenced my ability to relate to the people at this conference. AAA Play showcased in a bay and Jason and Laura explained to me why we were there. Understanding how these organisations and their CEO’s actually, practically help and support people with disabilities was of interest to me. From my experience at this specific conference more companies than I expected seemed to be heavily geared towards I.T and disability access to technology.

Acti-Vic and Reclink allowed me to visit one of their sporting activities, and the energy and sense of inclusiveness was honestly pretty inspiring. I gained insight into how important the social and physical aspects of Reclink’s work is on disadvantaged people who may not have any other options in regards to recreation. It gives people a resource and an opportunity to practise healthy living and being part of a community. I chatted with some of the Acti-VIC staff while I was at this sporting event and I was interested to hear that they didn’t have an eastern suburbs team. I live in the outer east and in my experience certain suburbs and areas in the east would greatly benefit from the resources and opportunities that Reclink provides."