Or should we say, this girl with disabilities can! VicHealth are currently developing their new TV ad for the This Girl Can campaign and are looking for women from across Victoria to share their stories of being active and overcoming judgement. VicHealth wants to ensure we represent the diversity of Victorian women in the campaign and is encouraging women with disability to apply.

We are pleased to announce VicHealth’s This Girl Can year two results are in, and we are proud to say this campaign has helped inspire almost 400,000 women get active. In an effort to inspire even more women to get active, VicHealth will launch a new This Girl Can – Victoria ad early next year featuring more Victorian women. The ad will again feature real local women instead of professional athletes or airbrushed Instagram models, and we would love your support to reach Victorian women across the state to share their story. Women can share their personal stories on the This Girl Can Victoria website here.

The Vic Health This Girl Can campaign, which features real Victorian women instead of professional athletes or airbrushed Instagram models, has led to an incredible one in five Victorian women increasing their physical activity since 2018. http://bit.ly/TGCresults

An exciting opportunity to be part of the next phase of VicHealth’s This Girl Can VIC campaign is here! Victorian women from all walks of life who are all kinds of active are invited to share their story to help inspire other women to get active. https://thisgirlcan.com.au

Read more on the VicHealth website