Using the doing sport differently principles to restore confidence in grass roots sport
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

In partnership with VicHealth and the Centre for Sport and Social Impact, La Trobe University (CSSI), Vicsport will coordinate the second of three ‘Doing Sport Differently’ webinars next Wednesday, 1 July, 7pm-7:45pm.

Aimed at restoring confidence within sport and recreation clubs, the webinars feature recorded presentations from experts in the field. These videos will then be available to be downloaded and utilised by clubs, SSAs, RSAs and LGAs for their own localised webinars with smaller groups of clubs to unpack local challenges and opportunities.

The second ‘Doing Sport Differently’ webinar, titled ‘Restoring confidence: The Club Experience' will focus on:

  • Thinking about participants as customers and considering their total experience
  • Using empathy to design experiences
  • Identifying the touchpoints
  • Considering core business (canteen, training etc.) as well as other social experiences to increase engagement


The discussion will be moderated by Vicsport with guest speakers including:

  • Jonathan Coyne- Coordinator Recreation Services, City of Stonnington
  • Rob Ward- Club and Programs Manager, Triathlon Victoria
  • Vanessa Phillips- Senior Project Officer Physical Activity, VicHealth
  • Dr. Erica Randle - Centre for Sport and Social Impact, La Trobe University


This is a free event aimed at sport and recreation clubs with State Sporting Associations encouraged to pass details on to their member clubs. To register, click here


The 3rd Webinar will be 8 July- Restoring Confidence: Sport Activities at 7pm.