Friday, March 1, 2019

This free event will showcase two programs which demonstrate innovative approaches to creating new sporting opportunities for people with disability.

Fri Mar 1 2019, 8.00am — Fri Mar 1 2019, 9.30am

Gymnastics Victoria – Aerobase

The award-winning Aerobase program is a fun six session Aerobics program for schools and groups. Aerobase is a basic, fun and exciting new way of learning Aerobics. Aerobase can be done anytime and anywhere including in a PE class, a dance class, as a wet day timetable activity or even as a warm up to kick start the day! With over 4,000 participants, this program has revolutionised gymnastics participation by breaking down barriers and creating a fun environment. Find out why the program has been a hit!

AFL Victoria – AFL Blind

AFL Victoria has partnered with VicHealth and the AFL to develop an adapted version of Australian Rules football for Victorians with blindness and low vision. Through the support from VicHealth they have been able to conduct an 18 month project which has involved the modification to rules, equipment and venue accessibility to enable more Victorians to play our great game. Learn about how AFL Victoria and the AFL have developed and tested this new concept.

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Tom Dixon

Participation Strategy Manager


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