Consistent with the theme of education and employment outcomes this month, AAA Play headed to Catalyst Training at The Bridge in Thornbury, to work with the students seeking to learn new ways to connect with their community. Catalyst Training is a Registered Training Organisation that delivers accredited training to adults with an intellectual disability. Through their courses, they aim to provide training that seeks to attain employment outcomes, increase community connections and build unpaid connections.

We were priveledged to be able to support these students in stepping closer towards their educational outcomes. AAA Play were also able to gain some valuable insights and feedback from the students regarding their experience using the AAA Play website, and the recently released 'Find a Lesiure Centre' service.

Students used the website to navigate to the various Find an Activity pages ans searched for basketball or aquatic facilities in their region. Some valuable insights were identified that will now be implemented into the functionality of the site to ensure a greater ease of use for people with an intellectual disability.

The overall experience was postive and we now have another 7 happy AAA ambassadors sharing the message about how easy it is to find an activity.