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At AAA Play we are very proud of our Find a Leisure Centre Service, where you can find a Leisure Centre near you and find information about the accessible features available there. 

Glen Eira Leisure Centre, or GESAC, is an awesome example of a Leisure Centre becoming more accessible and offering programs that are inclusive. 

Their motto is "Every Body is welcome". That's why all their staff are trained in disability and inclusion awareness.

They have swim, fitness and sports orientated classes at GESAC for those with disabilities, so the whole community can be part of the fun, in partnership with Marriott Support Services.

Accessible facilities

GESAC offers highly accessible facilities, including:

  • Ramp, beach and pool hoist to access all pools
  • Accessible changerooms with overhead hoist facilities
  • Elevator access to the first floor

Other programs offered include Group Fitness Unlimited, which provides a range of programs that are suitable for people with a physical or intellectual disability. These programs are flexible and can be adapted to accommodate people of all abilities in a fun and friendly environment. There is also Basketball Unlimited, in partnership with Marriott Support Services,  that is a mixture of training and competition with a fun, social program that allows participants with an intellectual disability to build new skills.

See all the accessibility information here, at our Find a Leisure Centre Page, and how to get in contact!