Research has shown that physical exercise brings a number of benefits for individuals living with disability. Social inclusion, generating peer group networks, improved confidence and competence, empowerment, and a common social outlet with other people living with disability are just some of these.

Soccer, one of the worlds most popular team sports is proven to deliver these benefits and can improve the quality of life for all abilities individuals. People with ASD can gain huge benefits from soccer, as physical exercise is shown to improve both motor skills and social skill capabilities.

We are happy to announce a Sporting Network of Autistic People & Parents (SNAPP) Soccer program commencing in Term 4 in Geelong! Geelong Rangers Soccer Club have welcomed SNAPP into the team, and programs are planned every Saturday morning at 10:00AM. More information about the SNAPP Soccer program can be found here.

Fortunately for those of you living outside of Geelong, you can find soccer programs or team sports activities around your area by clicking here!

Image by Chuck Underwood from Pixabay.