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Do you live in regional Victoria? If so, are you aware of your Regional Sports Assembly?


Regional Sports Assemblies (RSAs) came into existence after the release, in 1983, of the policy paper ‘Sport in Victoria’.  This paper, which covered all future aspects of planning, development and funding for sport, recognised the need to cover many areas and groups which had long been neglected.

RSAs have a long history of supporting the sport and recreation groups within their regional catchment.  Their range of support services include:

  • Direct support and advice to clubs;
  • Supporting State and National Projects; and,
  • Building Networks and Partnerships.

At AAA Play we work with all RSAs to make sure that their accessible programs are on our database so that you can easily find them, no matter where you are.


Check out South West sport, based in Warnambool for example! With an office located in Warrnambool, they provide support and advice to the South West of Victoria, including Corangamite, Glenelg, Moyne and Southern Grampians Shires and Warrnambool City Council.

See activities in their area at