Premiers Active April
Tuesday, April 14, 2020 to Monday, June 1, 2020

The Premier's Active April is still on, and now is more important then ever to get active!

Most of us find that it’s easier to feel motivated to get moving when we do it as part of a team. We can't get out an exercise together this year, but why not get involved as a virtual team?!

And now, Premier's Actve April will continue beyond April to help Victorians continue to get their 30 minutes a day of exrcise while they stay at home. You can still register as well, so if you haven't set up a team no problem. You can still create one with family, friends, shools, workplaces or whoever else on the Active April website

Active April has different options for forming virtual teams, each with their won, fun challenges. So get your firends and family online, and get moving!

Click here for some work out ideas from the Active April team!


The team at Active April have also given us 3 tips to keep active at home:

  1. Join an online class – check out your local gym or recreation centre to see what videos or classes they have online. There are loads to choose from and it’s a great opportunity to try out something new. Also, check out our Get Active Workout videos – there are ten to choose from – from strength to cardio workouts.
  2. Phone a friend – be social while you are being active at home. Do a stretching session, stationary bike, online class or even garden with a friend over a phone or video call. Schedule a regular session to encourage each other.
  3. Have a routine – set aside the same time each day to get active and make it part of your routine. If you’re working from home now, try using the time you would have spent commuting to work.

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