Nominations for the 2019 VicHealth Awards are now open - click here to start your nomination now!

Victorians and their communities want to live longer, happier and healthier lives – and there’s amazing work happening right across Victoria making this happen. If you or your organisation are working to create a healthier Victoria, VicHealth wants to hear from you!

The VicHealth Awards are the perfect way to:

  • Raise awareness of your initiative and what it’s achieved
  • Celebrate and recognise the amazing work of your team and volunteers
  • Share what you did and what you’ve learnt so more people can benefit from your insights

How do I enter?

Nominations for this year’s awards must be submitted via our online platform -

Key dates

  • Monday 1 July – Nominations open
  • Friday 9 August - Nominations close
  • Early November – Finalists announced
  • Tuesday 3 December – VicHealth Awards Showcase and Ceremony

Other things you need to know

  • New category – Improving the health and wellbeing of young Victorians
  • Awards webinar - It’s filled with examples of past nominations, and tips and advice to help you make your nomination shine
  • Submission overview – You can download a word version of all the fields you’ll need to fill in on the online platform here
  • Finalists will be invited to the Awards Ceremony and Finalist Celebration on 3 December in Melbourne.
  • Non-finalists will receive personalised written feedback on their nomination from our independent assessors

Both standalone initiatives and suites of work that have led to, and are still resulting in health and wellbeing gains are encouraged to enter.


2019 VicHealth Award Categories

Promoting healthy eating
This category recognises initiatives that encourage Victorians to make healthier food and drink choices. Are you working on making fruit and vegetables more accessible? Maybe you’re finding ways to reduce junk food marketing to kids? Or perhaps you’re increasing the healthy food offerings in your local sports club, school or local area? Any initiative, large or small, that is making it easier for Victorians to access and enjoy healthy food and drink is encouraged to apply.

Promoting health through physical activity and sport
This category recognises any initiative supporting Victorians to build physical activity into their daily lives, improving their physical and mental wellbeing. This could include making it easier for people – regardless of ability, gender or ethnicity - to increase their daily physical activity and social connection through sport, active recreation, active travel or active communities, and/or creating places that support healthy lifestyle decisions.

Preventing tobacco use
This category looks at initiatives (programs and research) that prevent people taking up smoking; help people quit smoking; and/or protect people from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Preventing harm from alcohol
Alcohol can cause harms those who drink, as well as people around them. This category recognises initiatives that reduce the short and/or long-term harms from drinking alcohol. This includes initiatives that are trying to change harmful drinking cultures or environments that act to encourage risky drinking.

You can read more about alcohol cultures here -

Improving mental wellbeing
This category recognises initiatives that improve and maintain people’s mental wellbeing in the places we live, work, learn and play. Does your initiative reduce loneliness by bringing people together? Perhaps it’s reducing workplace stress? Or maybe it’s helping young people navigate the challenges of growing up in a rapidly changing world? Any initiative that is keeping people socially connected, resilient and mentally well is encouraged to enter.

Communications in health promotion
Communications play a vital role in health promotion. We want to hear about initiatives using communications and marketing approaches to improve the health and wellbeing of the community. This could include awareness raising, attitude or behaviour change campaigns; advocating for healthy public policy and regulation; and effective use of social media and/or digital technology to improve health and wellbeing.

Improving health through arts
Taking part in the arts promotes creativity, confidence, connection and stronger communities – which can lead to better mental, physical and social health and wellbeing. We want to hear about any initiatives that demonstrate the health benefits of participating in the arts.

Improving health equity
Health inequities are differences in health status between population groups that are socially produced, avoidable and unfair. This award focuses on initiatives that seek to reduce social disadvantage (eg. low income, unemployment, education level etc.) to create an even distribution of good health in communities. Please refer to VicHealth Fair Foundations Framework for more information about health equity.


Promoting gender equality
The empowerment of women and girls and transformation of gender norms and stereotypes is critical to the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, organisations, communities and society as a whole. We’re looking for initiatives that seek to advance gender equality and create a Victoria where everyone can realise their full potential for health and wellbeing, regardless of gender.

Improving the health and wellbeing of young Victorians
This category recognises initiatives enabling young people (aged 5-25) to reach their full potential for mental and physical health and wellbeing. Are you working with young people to co-create initiatives to improve their health and wellbeing? Is your initiative enabling young people to cope with life's challenges and build positive social connections? Perhaps you're working with young people to promote healthy attitudes and choices? This category is for any initiative that empowers young people to be happy and healthy today, and into the future.

Research into action
This category celebrates research and evaluation that adds to the evidence base, and drives new approaches to improve health and wellbeing. Entrants should demonstrate achievements in creating and using research to identify and address emerging and important public health issues.

Awards Criteria

This year’s criteria are:

  1. Executive summary – max. 400 words
  2. You’ve told us who or what your initiative targeted – now tell us why. – up to 600 words
  3. What has your initiative involved? – up to 600 words
  4. To date, what have been the outcomes of your initiative? – up to 600 words

More information

Contact the VicHealth Awards team at