DAREBIN COMMUNITY SPORTS STADIUM is getting set to host a day dedicated entirely to Wheelchair Sports!

The YMCA acknowledges that every person, no matter of ability, deserves the opportunity to participate in any sport and activity that they wish.

Our vision illustrates that ‘we are making a positive difference by providing opportunity to each and every person to be healthy, happy and connected’.

The details for the day are as follows

When: Sunday October 29th, 2017

Where: Darebin Community Sports Stadium

             857 Plenty Rd, Reservoir 3073

What:  - AFL

            - Basketball

            - Badminton

            - Tennis

            - Handball

If you’re interested in being involved in this incredible day and would like further information, please send communication to luke.devincentis@ymca.org.au

We hope to have you part of this wonderful day!