Tenpin Bowling Australia is thrilled to offer its Sporting Schools program, to children across Australia’s school yards.

Tenpin bowling is a fully inclusive and easily adaptable sport that caters for the entire community regardless of age or ability, as well as providing opportunities for participation in a safe, family and community orientated environment.

Tenpin Bowling Australia is pleased to partner with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to deliver this $160 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport.

As the national sporting organisation (NSO) for tenpin bowling, we offer schools and coaches quality programs that encourage children to participate in this great sport. 


Ten pin Bowling juniors


Tenpin Bowling Sporting Schools is a four week introductory program designed to focus on learning the fundamental skills of the sport in a fun environment. It can be delivered both in your school and in a centre, utilising portable lanes and lightweight rubber bowling balls; making it ideal for primary school children aged from 7 to 12 years old. The program has been designed to assist both coaches and teachers to conduct quality sessions easily, ensuring ongoing participation, skill development, achievement and learning.

The sport of tenpin bowling provides physical and mental health benefits through exercise and social interaction. It is a skill based sport that promotes ongoing progression opportunities, with a focus on general fitness, movement and targeting skills, whilst developing motor skills such as coordination and balance. The sport is inclusive, non-contact, non-gender specific and sun smart. It can be played by anyone of any age, from individuals, through to small and large groups.

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Tenpin Bowling Australia values the role of teachers not just in the classroom but in the school yard as well. Their enthusiasm for improving children’s lives is often understated. Society places its trust and confidence in teachers who as educators, have one of the most important roles for our children, outside of parents and carers.

Coaches are also a wonderful influence on children throughout their formative years. Coaches are the people who deliver the skills with fun and enjoyment.

The information below is a guide to how schools, coaches and sporting organisations can deliver tenpin bowling within Sporting Schools.



Tenpin Modifications mean bowling really is for EVERY body! We already know bowling has been around since the Stone Age. So it’s no surprises the sport has remained pretty much unchanged since then – right? Well, maybe not, whilst humanity has evolved – so has tenpin bowling. With a growing number of adaptive equipment available, it’s never been easier to adapt the sport for all abilities.

  • Shorter lanes allow closeness to pins, easier to aim and hit targets.
  • Plastics pins can be left empty or filled with water for weight, making pins slightly more difficult to knock down.
  • Rubber balls, much lighter and easy to handle, have varying finger hole sizes. Tunnels assist with aim and direction as bowlers attempt to get ball through the tunnel in the first instance.
  • Backboards used behind pins means the ball knocks down a few more pins than usual (ball usually goes through to catcher)
  • Metal or soft ramps which are stand-alone or can be placed on the end of a wheelchair or bowler’s lap gives bowlers the opportunity to control the timing and release effort of the ball.
  • Wedge soft wedges as opposed to a ramp can be used to help bowlers who might struggle with gripping the ball.

Of course there are plenty of other modifications bowlers themselves adapt; two handed bowling, stationary bowling, a gripping handle or ball pusher. Tenpin Bowling offers programs for special needs through the funded Sporting Schools program www.sportingschools.gov.au or via Bowl Patrol www.bowlpatrol.com.au – the nation’s junior sport participation program turning ordinary children into striking machines!

Bowl Patrol is proving to be particularly popular for children with Autism or who prefer to play a more individual-style of game. Being a low-impact sport, tenpin is a great sport for introducing play in a safe environment, participants can learn at their own pace often leading to a greater enjoyment of the game.

Do you know of other bowling modifications? Share them with us, email tenpin.bowling@tenpin.org.au

Want to get your child in to a Bowl Patrol program? Let us know their age and your location via bowlpatrol@tenpin.org.au