Winter Season is all about the international sports and this year it will be the debut of Powerchair Hockey in Victoria! Both Powerchair Football and Powerchair Hockey have pathways to national and international levels. Anyone who uses an electric wheelchair for everyday mobility can play both sports. Both sports are strictly non-contact.

Powerchair Football is played with two teams of four players. Players use their electric wheelchair to push and ‘spin-kick’ a 330mm Football. Powerchair Football is a very tactical sport that requires skill, team work and communication.

Powerchair Hockey is broadly based on Ice Hockey/Floorball. A barrier surrounds the court which allows players to rebound the ball. Five players on a team, two must have ‘T-Sticks’.

Location: Aquahub, 11 Civic Square, Croydon
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm (Arrive by 12:30pm)
Sports: Powerchair Football & Powerchair Hockey
Cost: $75.00 

Join in on the fun! New players are not required to join before they start playing. Come down to one of our rounds and try it out first! For more information:

To play you will need to regsiter at