You don’t have to miss out on the fun, the camaraderie, and the community that comes with being active and involved. At Reclink Australia, we know how much sport can change someone’s life for the better. It’s our mission to ensure that anyone who wants to get in the game can do just that, including those with hearing loss. In fact, we were just recognised in an article by Connect Hearing, 'Hard of Hearing? Find Inclusive Courses in Australia', for providing a valuable service for those who are deaf or have hearing loss. This is thanks to our AAA Play program – Access for All Abilities.

AAA Play is your go-to source for connecting you with the organisation or recreation program that will put you on the field, court, or track, anywhere in the Melbourne area. You can do the activities that you love, or maybe the ones that you’ve always wanted to try, while making new friends.

Deaf Sports Victoria

Deaf Sports Victoria is just one of the many organisations we work with. If you are deaf or have hearing loss they can link you to almost any sport you can think of – volleyball, soccer, golf, cricket, cycling, netball, tennis and more. Getting regular exercise is just the beginning. You’ll stay in shape, be a part of a community, and have a lot of fun. Sport and recreation are core parts of living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. They improve both physical and mental well-being while providing an outlet to relieve stress and helping you to have a good time with other players. Whether you are seeking a chance to improve your skill or elite glory, sport and recreation is now for everyone regardless of if they are deaf or hard of hearing.

‘It can also be a great confidence boost if you have hearing loss,’ said Connect Hearing about participating in sport, ‘as you get to achieve personal goals at the same time as meeting new people and being part of a team.’ Those with hearing loss can often be left feeling isolated in their community, but not so when you engage with a team on a regular basis. Working together towards a common goal is a great way to bond with your teammates!

So, whether you are in search of your chance to improve your cricket skills, or if you want to experience all the glory of being an elite athlete, we can connect you. We make it easy to find the sport that you are interested in and to get involved. You can use the online search tool on our website to get started, or contact AAA Play directly by phone or email. Then we’ll let you know what’s available in your area. It’s that simple to bring sport into your life.