School Sport Victoria (SSV) not only delivers quality sporting opportunities to more than 600,000 Victorian students, but they also provide excellent inclusive programs that enables young people with disabilities to get  involved in sport across Victorian schools.

SSV does an excellent job working with SSSA’s supporting interschool and interstate sporting programs that encourages young people of all abilities to participate in sport at schools with the dream to make it to the state or national multiclass finals.

What is Multiclass?

Multiclass is a sporting division for any student with any disability in Victorian schools, and runs alongside mainstream Interschool and Interstate sporting competitions delivered by School Sport Victoria. At times modifications of rules are necessary for this class and through registering and being classified under multiclass, it allows students to compete on a level playing field.

Here is a clip from Leesa Langley, a Senior Project Officer – Sport development at School Sport Victoria explaining what multiclass is and how you can get involved as a school student in Victoria.



What sports are involved in the multiclass category?

The sports that are included in the multiclass categories are Track and Field/ Cross Country and Swimming, however if you are not sure you can always contact your region coordinator to find out what sports are available.

Why do participants need to be classified?                    

For athletes to compete against each other in sporting competitions there needs to be a way to make it fair and reasonable for people with disabilities to compete. Here is a great explanation on how athletes with disabilities are classified:



How does participating in school sport assist me to get in involved in a local sporting club or program?

Participating in school sports allows students of all abilities to try a range of sports to identify which sports they would like to be involved in outside of school. SSV partners with SSA’s and local sporting clubs to establish clear pathways so young people can participate in sport outside of school easily. For a list of Access for All Abilities sports programs and clubs please go to or speak to Leesa Langley at School Sport Victoria for more info.

For more info on Inclusive school please call Leesa Langley at School Sports Victoria on 9488 9485 or visit the website