Come small come tall, to the snow festival of fun. Whether it’s rain, hail or shine the snow is going to come! Arctic Breeze is coming to Cranbourne raceway and bringing winter in the sun.

Fun, fun, fun is what we’re about and remember your kids without a doubt. Snow flakes will fall around your head, so come on and get up out of bed. Bring the children along with Nan and Pop to have a breezy day, chilling out in every way, arctic animals are all around so remember to watch and make lots of sounds.
Fun, fun, fun is all we want but remember to slip slop slap and put on a hat, global warming is here adjust your belt as the popcorn is popping and the show's about to start!

A few of the fun activities:

- Vortex Avalanche

- Snow Pits

- Snow Toss

- Carousel

- Challenge (inflatable)

- Snow Globe (for photos)

- Ice Fishing

- Craft 

- Arctic Forest

- Arctic express train

- Arctic bowling

- Board balance

- Stage of entertainment