Find a gymnastics club near you with the Inclusive Club Map

Gymnastics Victoria has launched a brand new tool called the Inclusive Club Map. Housed on the Gymnastics Victoria website, the map indicates all the inclusive gymnastics clubs in Victoria.

The map makes it easier for you or someone you know to find your local gymnastics club, start participating and ultimately enjoy the benefits of gymnastics as a sport for everybody. 

To view the map, please click here to navigate to the Gymnastics Victoria website:

When using the Inclusive Club Map to find a local gymnastics club, Gymnastics Victoria recommends clubs indicated with either the Gymnastics Victoria logo (Inclusive Leader Clubs) or an Orange Tear Drop sign (committed to inclusion).  

For more information about the Inclusive Club Map or finding a suitable gymnastics club or program near you, please contact the Gymnastics Victoria team on 03 9005 4700 or email  

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