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Equestrian vaulting is gymnastics/dance on a horse. This is done individually, in pairs and in a team. This fun activity for all ages promotes co-ordination, balance, physical health, self esteem, the ability to work in a team and lifelong friendships all linked by the overwhelming love and trust of a horse. The benefits of equestrian vaulting are diverse. Benefits are physical health and well being as well as improved psychological health.

Benefits include: Physical:  Improved balance and muscle strength,  Improved coordination and faster reflexes,  Increased muscular control,  Improved postural control,  Decreased spasticity,  Increased range of motion of joints,  Stretching of tight or spastic muscles,  Increased endurance and low-level cardiovascular conditioning,  Stimulates Sensory integration,  Improved visual-spatial perception,  Improved gross and fine motor skills,    Psychological benefits include:   Improved self-confidence,  Increased self-esteem and self-image,  Development of patience,  Emotional control and self-discipline,  Expansion of locus of control,  Improved risk-taking abilities,  Sense of normality,  Socialization and improved interpersonal skills,  Increased perception of quality of life and life satisfaction,  Stress reduction. All while having fun.

We help people with all types and levels of disability. Vaulting is can beneficial to people with Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hearing impairments, Vision impairment, Multiple sclerosis, dementia, emotional disturbances, Post traumatic Shock disorder, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, Acquired Brain Injury, dementia, substance addiction and any other condition that would benefit from building strength, fitness, increasing co ordination, developing self awareness, developing empathy and having fun. Therapeutic or interactive vaulting is also used as an activity for children and adults of all ages who may have challenges with balance, attention, gross motor skill, confidence or social deficits.