Gymnastics for everyone promotional flyer

Inclusive gymnastics clubs are known for thinking on their feet and reaching out to their local community; Gymnastics Academy of Movement and Excellence (GAME) is no exception!

Recently, GAME in Epping developed a partnership with Broadmeadows Special Development School to provide gymnastics classes for their students. Off the back of a number of successful sessions, students from Broadmeadows Special Development School have signed up for Special Olympics Gymnastics classes for Term 3 and Term 4 this year. The club is also partnering with Ascot Vale Specialist School to provide their students with Special Olympics Gymnastics classes.

For more information about GAME in Epping, click here.

For more information about Special Olympics Gymnastics, contact Kerry Tavrou at Gymnastics Victoria on 9214 6020 or email 

*Article text and photo courtesy of Gymnastics Victoria