The Education Program for Infants & Children Inc (EPIC) is an innovative provider of Early Childhood Intervention Services to families of children with developmental concerns aged 0 to 6 years of age, living in the Northern Metropolitan area of Melbourne.

EPIC's guiding philosophy is that every hour of every day is a learning opportunities for young children. This means that the team at EPIC work with parents and community members to build on their knowledge, capacity and confidence to support children’s development and maximise their learning and participation across settings.

The team at EPIC aspires to support families with accessing their community and work collaboratively with community organisations to achieve this goal. Such organisations have included PIT gymnastics, sporting clubs, local libraries, and swimming centres.  EPIC has also worked closely with Gymnastics Victoria to develop visuals and materials to support the inclusion of people with a disability in Gymnastics. EPIC also offers a wide range of training and consultation options to promote and facilitate the participation of children with developmental concerns in all their learning environments. Alongside their research partners, RMIT University, EPIC are constantly evaluating all services and resources used to support children’s functioning and participation.

AAA Play were lucky enough to be invited along to a gymnastics session organised by EPIC, PIT Gymnastics and Gymnastics Victoria to film and photograph the fantastic program for our new promotional materials. While there, we saw the benefits that gymnastics and interactive play can have for all children with a disability. Keep up the great work EPIC!

To find out more about EPIC and to view helpful resources and training options, visit the EPIC website 

To find out how your child can get involved in inclusive gymnastics, contact Gymnastics Victoria