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A great opportunity has arisen for interested people to attend a workshop with Ian McGowan, focusing on the neurological basis for sports performance training.

The workshop is on Sunday 26th October, 9am - 5pm at Outside the Square Psychology, 20 Banksia Street, Burwood.

Who should attend?

This training course will of interest to sports coaches (Basketball, Swimming, Tennis), physical education teachers and parents of children involved in sport.

Who is making the Presentation?

Ian McGowan is Director of The Movement and Learning Centre in Scotland. His background is in physical education and human movement, psychology and child development. He has 34 years of experience as a teacher and developmental practitioner working with children, adolescents and adults.

Neurological Basis for Sports Performance Training

Early movement experiences lay the foundations of general understanding of one’s self, space surrounding the body and objects within one’s reach. General understanding may be considered the foundational understanding for which all specific aptitudes and skills develop. In normal development coordination, balance and postural control progresses through identifiable stages from birth onwards. For most children this process unfolds as a result of opportunities to move and play. Movement, balance and postural control are indeed the foundations of later learning.

However, in some cases motor control may be perturbed which can adversely affect the acquisition of sports skills and the development of skilled performance.  Bilateral integration refers to the coordinated movement of the upper and lower limbs, the limbs on each side of the body, balance and postural control.

This 1 day training programme will explore the neurological basis for sports performance, introduce a practical test battery to assess an individual’s bilateral integration status and teach a programme of bilateral integration movements to enhance sports specific training.

Cost $255.00. Includes all materials, light refreshments and a sandwich lunch

Bookings essential through this link.