Greenspeed trike

Green Speed has been in operation for 20 years, always evolving with first class design by Ian Sims. The company has continued to grow and now has it's place in the top tire of tricycle companies world wide, earning a wide range of respect from customers and competitors alike. Green Speed now offers a large range of trikes, allowing riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities to have the optimal ride quality. The Green Speed office and factory is located in Knoxfield, close to bike paths which offer great conditions for test rides.

Ian Sims (CEO):

One of the things I enjoy the most is designing a new trike. I like a challenge. After a tour of dealers in the U.S.A. 2010, the challenge was to de- sign a trike that was suitable for off road as well as on road riding. Thus I designed the Magnum, with it adjustable seat height, and very versatile capabilities. 

Obviously by the demand, which we have not been able to satisfy, it has appealed to a broad range of people. The Hand Magnum will now join it, for those of us who have special needs. Sometimes, determination is your best tool, but it helps to have a good machine under you.

Paul Pritchard (Green Speed Customers & Inspirational Person):

Paul Pritchard is a born explorer. He was one of the best rock climbers in Europe until 1998 when a climbing accident almost killed him. Paul spent a year in the hospital and much longer reteaching himself basic skills like walking and talking. He said he felt like a baby. The accident left Paul hemiplegic - meaning he could only use the left side of his body. Paul’s adventurer’s heart beat as strong as ever and in 2012 he set off with his Greenspeed Magnum on his most ambitious journey: 1100km (640 miles) from Tibet to Nepal. Many cyclists consider this pilgrimage through Himalaya terrain the ultimate challenge. Paul wanted to film the adventure and thus show others that disabled does not mean unable. Indeed!

If you enjoy cycling and are looking to purchase a new trike, contact Green Speed to talk to them about your options.

Visit their website at or contact Sam on or call 0466 252 992 for motr information.