Lily Special Olympics

At 13, Lily wants to do all the “normal” things teenagers do: running and playing sport with other kids. It is a struggle for Lily though as her arms and legs aren’t coordinated, she can’t react as quickly as the other kids and it takes her longer to understand instructions.

“Before she was born, Lily had a stroke and it changed her life forever,” explained Lily’s mum Sue, “it wasn’t anyone’s fault, it just happened and as a result Lily has an intellectual disability. Over the years we have faced many challenges that other parents haven’t had to face. But our Lily is an amazing child and we are so very proud of her." 

All parents want their kids to be happy and healthy but that’s hard when your child can’t fit into mainstream activities because they have a disability. Special Olympics have a place where kids like Lily fit in. "Lily needs a special environment where she can learn skills and develop at her own pace.” Says Sue, Lily’s mum. 

“When Lily starts to run on the Special Olympics track, and the coaches shout encouragement, and all the parents cheer, her smile is a mile wide. She’s loving every minute of it! We know we have found a very special place for Lily.” adds Lily's dad Stephen.

“Special Olympics gives our kids the opportunity to be a part of a group that understands. They accept kids with special needs for who they are - without judgement. Watching your child smile and finally fit in is magic.”

Find out how you can support Special Olympics, or how you can get involved with your local Special Olympics region by following this link