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Extended Families - North West
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Extended Families Australia facilitates positive connections between people within a community to provide support to children with disabilities and their families. Extended Families seeks to widen social networks, empower individuals, promote inclusion and strengthen the bonds people have within their local area. The organisation breaks down barriers by changing social attitudes and creating opportunities.

Extended Families Australia provides meaningful and lasting volunteer support to children a disability and their families, many of whom are socially isolated and in need of companionship, flexible support and practical assistance in their day-to-day lives.

Children and families who are supported by Extended Families have access to a number of flexible support options founded upon volunteering models including individualised volunteer matching for social, recreational and respite support, supported play groups, friendship groups and social events.

Live your Community Program Individual volunteers provide friendship, practical assistance and mentoring support to a child or young person, helping them develop important life skills and to take part in sport, recreation and leisure events or activities that are of interest to the child. Where a child is interested in accessing a community activity group, the program nurtures key supports from within the community to overcome any inclusion barriers which might exist; assists the child to develop any skills they may need for participation and supports the child in developing social connections with activity peers.