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SASI offers community based recreation and respite options to families who care for people with an autism spectrum disorder.

Being an autism specific program means our staff have the training and experience to appropriately deal with any behaviours of concern. All outings are supervised by our own professional staff and our participant to staff ratio is 2:1. We also cater to clients who require 1:1 support.

SASI offers a variety of community based recreation and respite services. Demand for placement in SASI's community based recreation and respite programs are high, unfortunately it is not uncommon to experience a waiting list.

School Holiday programs Each school holiday period, SASI offer a different program of outings for people with autism. Contact SASI to find out about upcoming programs and activities.

Camps SASI host two camps each January; one for people with higher support needs and one for those with lower support needs. Contact SASI to find out about the upcoming camps in January next year.

Weekend Adventure Club The weekend adventure club offers 12 day trips throughout the year. They are designed to suit groups of people with similar interest, age and abilities. Contact SASI to find out more.