La Trobe University Developmental Neuromotor and Cognition Lab are inviting participants to assist with a research study. Details as follows:


Does a 12-week exercise program improve executive function in young adults with Down syndrome?

We are looking for participants to act as our control group. This means that you will not be provided access to the exercise intervention as part of your child’s participation in this study.

Individuals with Down syndrome are at an elevated risk for cognitive function decline compared to people of similar ages.

Specifically, people with Down syndrome can have problems with their memory and processing speed, and executive function. These problems have shown to limit opportunities to access and participate in physical activity.

Physical activity may effectively improve, or reduce decline, in cognitive function in young adults with Down syndrome.

Our aim is to determine the effect of regular assisted exercise on cognitive functioning in young adults with Down syndrome. This can increase our understanding of what affects executive functioning, short-term memory and information processing speed to help improve memory and learning in people with Down syndrome.

Who is eligible to participate?

We are seeking people with Down syndrome aged between 13 and 35. Your child is invited to take part in our research study. They will be asked to do some cognitive activities that assess how they learn, remember information and problem-solve, what they pay attention to, their reaction times and what skills they use to carry out a task. Participants will be asked to do two sessions that will be held 3 months apart.

For more information about volunteering, please contact:

Student Investigator: 

Natalie Mizzi (03) 9479 3209


Darren Hocking (03) 9479 5462


Ethics: HEC Reference number 18052