Jaryd Clifford

T12 superstar, Jaryd Clifford, has made history by beating his own personal best and world record in the 1500m at Zatopek last month.

A world record holder and dual world champion, he’s the fastest ambulant Paralympian in history over 1500m, yet remains a humble and passionate role model.

Jaryd won the Marg Angel Junior Sportsperson of the Year at our 2017 Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards and, more recently, was a finalist for My Sport Live Male Sportsperson of the Year.

After his win, Jaryd had this message for fans of athletics:

Paralympic athletes should be rock stars like our Olympic counterparts, I’ve always looked up to people like Ryan Gregson and I’ve always looked up to people like Michael Roeger,” he said.

I think that’s how everyone in athletics should do it - have heroes that are Olympians and have heroes that are Paralympians.'

We are one team.”

You can read the full article on the Victorian Institute of Sport website.