Thanks to Sports Focus and the Eaglehawk Bowling Club for leading the way in inclusive practice!

The Eaglehawk Bowling Club has developed a creative solution to making lawn bowls inclusive for people of all abilities. The club has created a ramp for participants to roll the bowl down. Participants simply place the bowl at the top of a pipe, and it rolls out onto the green. This means that people with limited mobility don't have to reach down to roll the bowl along the ground, and can also stay on the wooden deck which is more wheelchair accessible than the green. 

The club says that this session isn't just for people in wheelchairs though, and they encourage people of all-abilities to attend and have a go at bowls. The club is looking for further opportunities to be inclusive, and is hoping to incorporate more of their 'mainstream' membership to both volunteer and participate in the All-Abilities sessions in the future. Find a bowls clubs near you on AAA Play.

Is your club looking for inspiration to become more inclusive? We have a page of resources to help you