This website has been created to allow people with disabilities to easily and effectively make contact with Access All Abilities Sport and Recreation programs in the Metropolitan Melbourne Region.

Using this site is simple, and throughout the site we have provided multiple resources and tools to assist the user with their sporting journey. 

There are three options to connect with us:


  • Visit the AAA Play Website at, type in the postcode, and select the preferred sport.
  • The online search tool will then provide a list of what is available in the specific area.
  • Go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the AAA Play website, fill in the required fields and press Submit.


  • Phone the AAA Play hotline: 1800 222 842
  • The AAA Play team will ask general questions to find the most suitable activity based on your goals and location.

Email Us

  • Send an email to to find out what sports are available.
  • More information may be requested, to assist us in finding the most suitable activity. Please remember to leave your contact details.

How will your enquiry be handled?

Great care is taken to ensure everyone has a positive experience. Access for All Abilities Play (AAA Play) aims to connect all individuals to a suitable sport and recreation activity based on personal goals and location in a timely manner.

The enquiry process after the initial contact with the individual: 

  1. Enquiry is received via email, website or phone.
  2. Initial contact is made with the enquirer within two working days of receiving the enquiry to find out more information. 
  3. We then contact the relevant State Sporting Associations, Sports Clubs, Local Council and community groups to find suitable opportunities available for the enquirer.
  4. Once the suitable sports activities have been identified, the enquirer is contacted via email or phone with program details and relevant information. The enquirer then has the option to personally contact the program, or the AAA Play team can work as the contact person to further assist. 
  5. The AAA Play team will follow up with the enquirer to find out if the individual has connected to the sports activity or if they require further information.
  6. All enquirers are encouraged to contact us again if they require more program information. The AAA Play team is here to break down the barrier and to assist in creating further sport and recreation opportunities for individuals.