The Having a Say Forever! Conference was a huge success. Valid celebrated twenty years of the conference with over 1000 people attending! They had special guests from Fiji sharing their experiences and stories with their delegates along with Robert Martin, one of the leading international self advocates from New Zealand. He led the charge to close institutions in New Zealand and took the fight all around the world!

Self-advocates from VALID's regional networks shared their stories, experiences and emphasised the importance of speaking up! 

Self-advocate Adam James, along with his brother Mark and ABC journalist Rachael Brown took part in a Q and A, talking about the murder of their mother in 1980 and how the podcast Trace: Who Killed Maria James? resulted in the Victorian Coroner reopening the case. They were then whisked off to Melbourne to be interviewed by ABC Radio Drive host Rafael Epstein.

Delegates spent the second night hitting the dance floor in their best Roaring 20's costumes to live music from the band The Un-limited! 

Valid have included a snapshot as to what happened at the conference in their e-newsletter, along with their LGBTIQA+ survey, Mark and Adam James interview with Raf Epstein and much more! You can view it here.