Victorian Electric Wheelchair Sports Association is launching a new competition called the Powerchair Premier League later this month. The league will be club-based and features the two sports of Powerchair Football and Powerchair Hockey.

The league is open to all ages, genders, disabilities and we most definitely welcome beginners! We are establishing a junior program for any new players to jump in straight away and learn the skills of both sports. I have attached the fixture in case you would like to come down to a round. Information can also be found on our website:

Two of our Powerchair Football clubs are backed by Melbourne City and South Melbourne. We are also excited to establish the Melbourne Ducks and Melbourne Hunters as our two Powerchair Hockey teams to compete in the Powerchair Premier League as well as at the Powerchair Club Championships to be held in Sydney in the middle of November.

VEWSA are gauging the community interest for powerchair sports using the  following survey. The survey is aiming to give us an indication of interest to see if any new players are interested in joining our newest league. It is also hoping to indicate what areas we can expand our programs to in the future. The survey can be completed here: if you know anyone that might be interested, please let me know. We are very keen on getting some new talent in!