Can you think of a better way to kick off the start of the month, than being immersed in a collective of inspirational individuals, exploring the education and employment for people of all abilities. Employment for people with disability is crucial to ensuring that the workforces we have are reflective of the communities that we work in as sport organisations.

In February, a Sport and Recreation Victoria Community of Practise (CoP) was held on employment and it was encouraging to see that the sports sector is ready to evolve its workforce and learn more about the benefits of disability employment.

This valuable opportunity was themed, ‘From athletic participation to economic participation Education, employment and board level leadership’ It was the first Sport Inclusion CoP of 2019 and focused on the role of the sport and recreation sector in education and meaningful employment.

AAA Play live streamed the event on Facebook to increase participation opportunities across the state as we explored the question: ‘By working together, can we increase the number of student placements, existing EFT and new employment opportunities in the sport and recreation sector?’

Topics included education and placements, Talent ID and recruitment, employment, and board level education and capacity building.

A series of short case studies were presented, demonstrating meaningful employment in the sport and recreation sector such as the project by Disability Sport & Recreation (DSR).

Disability Sport & Recreation has begun a new project that is focussing on helping a group of women with disability find employment, the project also is looking at how to support sport organisations be more inclusive and accessible through the building of capacity.

The next step of the project is the development of a number of resources that will assist the sector into the future.

You can view more about this CoP and other past events on the AAA Play past events resources page here.

You can connect with DSR for more information about their new project by contacting Ayden Shaw, Manager Sport and Recreation at DSR on (03) 9473 0158 or email