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There is nothing like the fast-paced action of an indoor cricket game!
One of the many positive aspects of the indoor cricket is its suitability for children.
Many of our centres have junior competitions, the ball is softer than a regular cricket ball, everyone is involved to the same degree (regardless of ability), and you don't have to be super fit.
With the compact size of the court, no player can be banished to far away on the boundary as some of us have experienced in outdoor cricket - in indoor, everyone is close enough to regularly be involved in the action of the game.
Indoor cricket offers you many opportunities to develop your skills, from social matches to International games.
Whatever your skill level and motivation, you'll find every match to be enjoyable and challenging.
In Victoria, there are 14 metropolitan and 10 country member centres with over 54,000 people enjoying playing indoor cricket each year.
Indoor cricket has two premier competitions.
Superleague is played on a Saturday during the winter months and Majorleague is played on a Friday night in the summer.
CV's indoor state sides 'the Hammers' boast 13 divisions ranging from under-12 to over 45s.
There are three national title weeks with the Masters held in May, the juniors in early July and the most prestigious event, the Opens, in late July.
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