Introducing the Captain Access Characters and their stories!

The Captain Access Characters were launched in conjunction with a new AAA Play website to improve the usability and access to participation in sport and recreation programs. 

Three characters have been created to promote the physical, social and psychological benefits that regular sport and recreation can provide for people living with a disability. The three characters Captain Access, Mohawk Jones and Lila Adams, represent social inclusion, resilience and fun. 

This promotional series introduces a new and innovative dialogue for inclusion and accessibility, that has not been seen before. Therefore, positively resulting in an increase number of participant opportunities across Victoria.

Image of Captain Access

"Hi, I'm Captain Access. 

At AAA Play we help people of all abilities get involved in all kinds of sport and recreation programs.

Go to the AAA Play website where you can find an activity that’s right for you. If you love sport, check out AAA Play."

Image of Lila

"Hi, I’m Lila.

I love swimming thanks to AAA Play. Mum says I should have been a fish! 

I started swimming with my best friend and now I’ve met a lot of new friends. 

They say I’m a really fast swimmer. I love swimming, and I love AAA Play."

Image of Mohawk

"Hi, I'm Mohawk Jones.

Last year I was hit by a car. Before the accident I was playing basketball every day. I didn’t think I would play again.

AAA Play helped me find a basketball program and now I am back on the court and it’s awesome.

If you want to play sport, connect with AAA Play."


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