Volunteering plays a vital role in the development of social cohesion and social connection – both of which help alleviate loneliness and the value goes beyond the individual. Volunteers are recognized as vital contributors towards the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and contribute an estimated $290 billion to the Australian economy annually, yielding a 450% return for every dollar invested. Is your club or organisation ready for volunteers? Volunteering is at the heart of Maccabi so they've put together some top tips to get you on your way to creating valuable volunteering opportunities.


Ensure that the values and culture in your club are such that everyone feels welcome, regardless of age, gender, ability, identity or beliefs.


Be open minded about what you’re looking for – can a role be shared to give more people an opportunity to step up in a way that suits them?


Look within your club for players, siblings, parents and friends who are passionate about the club and would be happy to take a more active role. Don’t let a disability be a deterrent.


Understand why people want to volunteer – are they looking for social connections? Wanting to upskill? Keen to give back to their club? It can be much easier to engage volunteers once you know their ‘why’.


Network with other clubs and organisations for support.


Train everyone – ensure your volunteer is given role-specific training, and offer diversity and inclusion training for your broader club community


Consider creating some easy read and/or visual instructions and job descriptions


Help identify any employment pathways available for volunteers, either at your club or within your sport, or the broader sporting landscape.


Develop and source resources and further information to help support your volunteer and club.

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