AAA Play are privileged to work with some fascinating people and our team of Ambassadors are no exception.

They spread the word about the importance of sport and recreation for everyday health and wellbeing, and lead by example. Our Ambassadors show the potential benefits for any individual with a disability who wants to participate in being active. Most importantly, they support and advocate for the incredible opportunities AAA Play promotes.

There are many barriers to getting active. AAA Play help to remove one of them by supporting people with a disability to readily search all the Victorian AAA Sport and Recreation activities with one phone call or one – ok maybe a few – clicks of a button. Our ambassadors help us to shout our message from the roof tops, and they inspire by being visible. You can’t be what you can’t see, and thanks to our ambassadors, everyone knows they can be an athlete.

It's been some time since our AAA Ambassadors got together and we love the opportunity to hang out with this crew – so what better excuse to hold an afternoon tea? The generous contribution our Ambassadors make became all the more obvious, as they all juggled school, uni, work, and other commitments to come along to Reclink Australia’s Head Office on a cold Friday afternoon.

Sonny, Evie-Rose, Emma, Monty, Chelsea, and Andrea were there and we also welcomed our newest Ambassador, Tony Langdon from Bendigo. We’ll tell you a little bit more about Tony next month!

We started the afternoon with a lovely array of sandwiches, popcorn, cake, crackers, and dips to share. Excited chatter quickly filled the room with everyone’s recent life updates, latest achievements, and all things inclusive sports. Sled hockey drew interest from the group and Sonny, Evie-Rose, and Emma are excited to join Andrea on the ice at the next ‘Come and Try’ day. With so much talk of sports, it was only going to be a matter of time before an idea was born for the Ambassador team to participate in a fun run/walk/roll event one day in the future.

Amazingly, this will be a first for all the Ambassadors to participate together in a sport, although we’re pretty sure that Monty would outrun us all by miles! Sadly, before we knew it the afternoon tea was finished and our Ambassadors went on their way.

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