Below, we try and answer as many of the frequently asked questions as possible. If we can’t answer your question here, feel free to contact us on 1800 222 842 or at

How do I use this site?

Feel free to browse our website and use the interactive map via the ‘Find an Activity’ tab to find out what sport and recreation activities are available near you. If you prefer to speak to someone, call us and we can let you know what is available instead (or if you prefer, drop us a line). If you want to share your stories with us, you can do that too! Simply contact us at to submit stories, photos, blogs, activities you are aware of, people you want to praise or anything else relevant to sport and recreation; we would love to share it on our page! Read up about our ambassadors, who have not let their disability stand in the way of achieving greatness in the sporting arena, or browse through and connect with our many partners that are striving to bring sport and recreation opportunities to you, throughout all of Victoria!   

Who should use this site?

This site is designed to be used by people with disabilities, their carers, family members, friends, anyone really! If you are, or know someone with a disability who wants to get involved with sport and recreational activities in your local area, then this site is for you!

How do I get in contact with AAA Play?

Whatever your preferred way of contacting us, you can be assured that you can indeed, get in touch! Contact us via email, phone, Facebook and Twitter. Simply click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab on our website; we look forward to hearing from you!  

What are the types of sport and recreation activities you can link me to?

AAA Play can link you to pretty much anything that is a physically active opportunity within your local area (provided there are programs running in your area in your chosen sport. If not, we will present you with opportunities in other areas so that you still may participate if you chose to do so). So, whether you wanted to join a gym group at the local recreation centre, go horse riding, access swimming lessons, enjoy some fishing, join a lawn bowls competition, have a game of football, basketball, soccer, netball or cricket, join gymnastics, go dancing or even go target shooting, we can find the opportunities that are available in your area and put you in contact with them! We want you to get out and enjoy as many sport and recreational activities as possible, so we will do all we can to find everything that is out there!

Does AAA Play provide opportunities for art and passive recreation?

No. AAA Play provides access to sport and active recreation opportunities across Victoria; we can link you to almost anything that gets you physically active, but for art opportunities, please contact Arts Access Victoria:

Arts Access Victoria:

222 Bank Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3205
Telephone (+61 3) 9699 8299 - TTY (+61 3) 9699 7636
Facsimile (+61 3) 9699 8868 - Email Web

Can AAA Play provide me with transport options to get to a sport?

No. We are purely a referral service to get you in contact with sport and recreation opportunities. While we cannot arrange transport for you to get to and from sport and recreation activities, we can give you information on getting around on public transport; simply click on our Travel 101 tab under the Resources link!

Does AAA Play actually provide sport and recreational programs?

No. While we would love to have the opportunity to provide sport and recreation programs to you, we have decided it would be best to leave this up to the professionals, while we connect you with these opportunities. Best if we all stick with what we do best!