Gymnastics Victoria and Special Olympics have partnered to bring Special Olympics Gymnastics to young people living with disabilities in the Mordialloc area.These gymnastics classes will be starting up in July and running through to Sepetmber 2017.

Two programs will be on offer one for 3-6 year olds, and one for 5-8 year olds.

Please note you must register your interest in you would like to get involved,

Please call Kaye or Rebecca at Mordialloc Community Centre on 9580 3675 or email

Special Olympics Gymnastics provides people with intellectual disabilities with the opportunity to develop their physical fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and confidence.Gymnastics is a fantastic community sport that offers socail inclusion,leadership opportunities and the chance to make lasting freindships.Participants can begin their gymnaastics patheway by developing key life skills including movement, communication and social interaction,

The pathwaycontinues for those aiming to be more active or aspiring to compete against their peers on a national world stage . The special olympics program includes mens,womens and rhythmic gymnastics and can be tailored to individual goals.


Mordialloc Community Centre 3195 Mordialloc , VIC
Victoria AU